Comfort in the silence.

Apparently the CEO of Disney doesn’t think the medium matters. Though I’m sure his sentiments are more nuanced than that (I didn’t actually read the article), I would argue that he is a man that makes valuable use of his time. There is no time for commas, on commas, on commas. In his world, you probably need to get to the point. Language itself is a medium, embedded with certain biases. As an information technology, it was designed for quick and easy transfer of knowledge between individuals. And the best way to get someone to remember something, the moral, your emotions, whatever. Is to tell it to them in the form of a story. Of course, Disney understands that. Take for instance, the Medium(insert copyright here) app I’m using to type this blurb. There’s no place for me to put a witty title, which kind of sucks. At the same time, the medium Medium is sending a very important message: content matters. This is where I’m obliged to place a disclaimer that there is no right or wrong here. It’s simply a way of expressing a preference for one or the other. We all like people that speak our language and can relate to us in stories that allow us to reach for more (which is not only defined by market share). You can be more of a human being every day (HT to my friend Stan). Not only is it okay, but recommended. My point is this: Disney is doomed with this guy’s mindset stuck in the zero sum game mindset of the last century. Of course, he has to prove to his shareholders that he stands for something and is out to gut the completion, so there’s provably some strategic communication there. But the minute you cut off all your options for one school of thought over another, you are doomed. It’s not black and white. No longer are we required to entertain the Fox News mantra of who can yell the loudest to prove that they can win (Side Note: Trump is learning to behave like a gentleman in the political arena; humility is a wonderful thing). Just fucking do what you and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. It’s that simple. Be comfortable in the silence. #rant *Excuse the typos

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