Domesticating humans

We do it everyday. It’s called teaching, learning, growing. Sometimes it takes the form of empathy. Usually it comes in the form of time itself. Unfortunately, many of us spend too much time domesticating ourselves to be the versions of individuals that other people see. You have to believe in yourself to rise above society’s norms, the expectations of your parents, or marketing. Confidence cannot be bought, but there are things you can do to lease it which will trigger habits that increase your confidence in a virtuous cycle of self-improvement, actualization, and awareness. Get the fuck out of your own way. You do this by listening (really listening) to the people around you. Feedback is everywhere and you have to know how to obtain it. What is it that he or she is really trying to say? Are “they” projecting their self doubts, insecurities, or shortcomings upon you? Or are they silently trying to help you in their own special way? More important: can you empathize either way? Finally, how can you structure an accountability and feedback mechanism that moves yourself towards the learning objective? One second at a time. Be civil. Don’t be an animal. Domesticate yourself instead of trying to domesticate others.