Star Trek Beyond: One Fan Boldly Went

Image Credit: Paramount

I saw Star Trek Beyond today, with my grandpa. And because I like doing it, here’s a review.

The story centers on (obviously) the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise as they travel to go where no man has gone before. They end up taking leave on the super-cool bubble city of Yorktown, where a shrimp-ish alien woman named Kalara limps in on a broken ship, causing the Enterprise to travel into an uncharted nebula to get back Kalara’s crew.

This movie is essentially a 2 hour, super fancy looking episode of Star Trek. And although the characters aren’t really developed very much, and the story is very simple; It’s EXACTLY what I would want out of a star trek film.

The visuals of this film are beyond (hehe, get it) stunning. I literally held my breath at the visuals of the artificial planet of Yorktown, and the action and space-travel scenes are equally stunning.
The camera-work and lighting keeps the visuals from ever being murky or dark, and you always know what’s going on.

But this movie isn’t just looks. Despite the constant bombardment of insane visuals, it still feels simple and grounded, the story never quite faltering. Also, despite having a good 4 or 5 threads of characters in different locations, the editing is done well and the plot threads never get confusing. The story is wound tight like a watch, and really uses a lot of clever chekov gun moments,

Personally, I would have liked for some more character development, but we do get some interesting tidbits and small character growths. In particular I liked the Spock storyline, that ends with an extremely tasteful and touching moment that calls back to the classic Enterprise crew, and a reference to Mr. Nimoy himself.

Overall, it’s not too simple, but not too complicated. Despite getting sometimes lost in the action, the stunning visuals and spice of humor keep this big-budget episode of Star Trek grounded.
It might not win awards in writing excellence, but it’s a damn good summer movie with creative set pieces.

Wherever this crew goes next, I think I just might follow.

And I give this movie an 8/10. Very well done, very fun to watch, and visuals that blew me away.

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