Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution has my favorite video-game story.

The main character Adam, and the visual motifs often seen throughout the game. (Image Credit: Eidos Montreal/Square Enix)

“I never asked for this…”

From the very first line of the cinematic trailer, Deus Ex: Human Revolution sets the tone.

The story of Human Revolution is a dark adventure, starting with security manager Adam Jensen being nearly killed by terrorists and left for dead. He awakens to learn his employer, David Sarif, has made him an Aug against his will; a person whose body has been modified with robotic and synth-organic parts.

“The year is 2027, a time of great technological innovation, but also a time of chaos and conspiracy”

A man named Hugh Darrow, a crippled but brilliant scientist, led the front on the new science of human augmentation. Despite his own genetics making him incompatible with his own creations, he created the main systems that govern all of this story’s science.

Essentially, robotics or synthetic human tissue are connected to the brain via a neural chip, allowing a perfect meld of man and machine. The immune system is fond of rejecting this technology; and thus most augmented people require Neuropozene, an expensive immunosuppresant medicine that’s the only known key to allowing the body to use augments.

With his own body heavily altered, and his ex-girlfriend Megan presumed dead in the attack, Adam Jensen is forced to pick up the pieces of his life and keep doing his job. He uncovers a conspiracy inside the human-augmentation business that tests his loyalties, forces him to travel around the world, and even changes humanity’s path forever.

The story of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is complex, involving mythological and even biblical subtext. It has very well-written characters, and a deep mix of mechanics, story, and visuals. Deus Ex never holds back or gives in, and many parts of the story are left for the players to decipher. It sends players into an uncomfortably realistic future, and isn’t afraid to explore political, social, and economic implications caused by the fictional science of the game. Even the title, Deus Ex, references, the phrase Deus Ex Machina, or “God From A Machine.”

For me personally, the Deus Ex series remains one of the best video-game stories I've ever seen. It absolutely sucked me in, and I really hope more people give it the chance it deserves. It’s truly a complex masterpiece of a science fiction story. Overall, I hope you give Deus Ex: Human Revolution a try. It’s a story absolutely worth experiencing, and i’m very interested in how the next installment, Mankind Divided will continue the story of Adam Jensen.

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