Dave, I follow you, read your articles regularly, and genuinely respect and appreciate your humor…
Carl Sandburg

Carl writes, “They are currently turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to Trump’s inadequacies because they find the typical progressive to be a self-righteous bore who’s naive faith in the wisdom and altruism of the government is terribly dangerous.”

Trump’s “inadequacies”? Are you referring to his insane tweets, the complete chaos at the White House, his failures with foreign leaders, or his failures with congress? But somehow, in the minds of both Trump’s hillbilly supporters and “true” conservatives, the fault is not Trump’s, but instead, it falls on progressives and liberals because they are the ones who believe government can actually function when adults are in charge.

So, you right wingers are like a mechanic who tells us that our brand of car is not dependable, but promises he can fix that knock we hear coming from engine…and then proceeds to pour sand into the crankcase. What to you know??!?!? When the right wingers are in charge…government really doesn’t work…and in fact, does become “terribly dangerous”.

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