Dear dumb, entitled, insecure, angry men of the world: I am tired of you
Dana Schwartz


As a man…I could not agree with you more. Most men feel the need to win and dominate. I want to win too…but somehow, my “y” chromosome didn’t get the “domination” gene. As a result, I have no problem with female leaders. Unfortunately, that makes me unusual. Worse yet…somehow I did get the “fairness” gene. That’s not on the y, but rather the x chromosome. There are plenty of women who don’t value fairness…they are the ones you see at the Trump rallies.

If you have the domination gene, but lack the fairness gene…you inevitably become a bully or a bully apologist. And despite all the talk about high morality we get from religion…there’s an awful lot of people who fall into the bully camp. Those are the people voting for Trump. They are voting for themselves.