ha ha ha you liberals are probably so confused right now.
Rick Infinity

Here’s a clue. Liberals do not love Comey. They don’t love him now and they didn’t love him back last summer. Clinton supporters may have been relieved that the FBI could find nothing to charge her or her staff with, but the idea that they loved listening to Comey trash Clinton is just, plain, STUPID.

Rosenstein is correct when he states that Comey’s statements were unacceptable. Comey should have been fired last July right after he said them. But Attorney General Lynch and President Obama decided to play politics and let it ride. They lacked the courage to do their jobs. I’m admitting that…and I’m a liberal who voted for Obama twice!!! So there…that should make you happy.

As for being upset with Trump firing Comey…sorry, I’m not. The only reason any liberal is upset now is their concern about the Russian collusion with the Trump campaign investigation. As long as that investigation continues and is run by a professional…non-partisan, I say “good riddance” to Comey. And yes…I actually give Trump a little bit of credit for dumping Comey, even if he did it because he was afraid of what Comey would say about him and not about what Comey did to Hillary.

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