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Ian…good article, but you missed a chance to make a very key point.

This article just appeared in my email…several days after it was written….and events have moved on. Trump has taken Rosenstein off the hook by taking full credit for the firing. Maybe Trump did that because Rosenstein threatened to quit.

As for Comey’s incompetence. Yes. He was…he is. Many commentators have laughed at Trump’s explanation for firing Comey because of what he did to Hillary…BUT, THINK ABOUT IT!!! Trump didn’t want Comey to do to him what he did to Hillary…even if Trump actually believed he had nothing to really worry about with regard to collusion with the Russian during the election. Trump was correct to believe that Comey might trash him and his campaign regardless of whether anything illegal was ever found.

As for Rosenstein recommending Comey’s firing…YES. Comey should have been fired last July for the press conference where he states that Hillary would not be charged with anything, but then proceeded to trash her. NO….you don’t get to do that as a official of the government. He should have only stated that they could find no grounds to prosecute and ended the press conference. His commentary on the potential “defendant” was outrageous…and he should have been fired for it.

So, this is where Ian missed an obvious point. The incompetence tag belongs not just to Comey, but also to Attorney General Lynch and President Obama. They should have fired Comey after his July tirade. They didn’t act because they were afraid of the political consequences. They did not have the COURAGE to do their job. And the nation has suffered as a result. Suffered both in allowing the notion that it’s okay for people in authority to trash private person’s who are not being charged with a crime…and suffered in that a megalomaniac is currently sitting in the oval office.

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