Allow Me to Clarify
Dave Pell

“Maybe the real lesson of this moment is that we progressives went a little soft in the face of what seemed like momentum gained and battles won.”

Really??? Okay, I do understand that you don’t really believe you speak for all progressives despite your use of “we progressives”. But to call progressives “soft”? Progressives were anything but “soft” in their support of Bernie, and their dislike of Hillary. How many of you so called progressives voted for Trump? How many of you so-called progressives wanted Trump to win because just like your alter ego right wingers (read the comments here from Carl Sandburg), you thought that Washington, DC needed to be burned down so you could rebuild from the ashes. How many of you so-called progressives blamed Obama for the obstructionism that the republicans caused by holding the house for the last 6 years and the Senate for the last 2 years of his presidency?

Of course, there is a difference between the progressive view of Trump and the hillbilly right wing Trump supporter. At least the progressives understand that Trump in capable only of destruction, and will build nothing good, nothing of any lasting value. The hillbillies actually believed Trump would somehow make America great again. The only thing Trump meant by his slogan is that America would be great again if he was president. Anything good that happened after that would be a total bonus, unplanned for and unintended.

What binds the progressives and the hillbilly right wingers together is their belief that the only way to improve the USA is to burn down the government and start over…as if they had any clue of how to build a better government. Just as the GOP has so ably demonstrated with their health care bill…they don’t have a clue of how to build a workable system.

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