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“Only in your idyllic world.” So, on the one hand, you seem to believe the constitution is perfection. On the other hand, you seem to believe that expecting equal representation is too much to ask for. If I considered you a reasonable person, I would call out your hypocrisy. But as hypocrisy is a core principle of the alt-right, I won’t even try.

Here’s another thought. We can have equal representation at the Federal level without eliminating state rights. There is no necessary connection, or any connection whatsoever between equal representation and state rights. More right winger hogwash.

As the recent circus in the Senate regarding their ill-health care bill so aptly demonstrates, deliberation in the Senate is dead. How much more deliberative the senate ever was compared to the house is at least debatable, but whatever the founders may have wanted, we aren’t getting it now.

Here’s a clue: nothing is perfect, including the constitution. That’s why the constitution can be amended. Proposing amendments doesn’t make one disloyal. Fixing the parts of government that aren’t working well doesn’t make one disloyal.

If you, and the right wingers like you, want to live in a fascist dictatorship where all the laws are immune from liberal activism, move to Russia…and take Putin’s puppet “Trump” with you.

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