Peter Thiel’s Speech

Yeah….what’s striking to me about this speech is how full of baloney it is. BALONEY. From one end to the other. Let me list them for you since you seem to be blind:

“Trump is a builder.” Builder of what? Casinos. High rise apartments for the wealthy. Golf courses for the wealthy. Whoopee. I guess you like this IF you are also wealthy. How much building does Trump do for the middle class…much less the poor???

“The prosperity of Silicone Valley has not spread.” Wrong. It has spread out much more than any benefit from Trump’s buildings. Moreover, Silicone Valley is not the only place in the country where high tech innovation happens. It’s happening at universities across the country. It’s happening with entrepreneurs across the country. But the idea that every place in the USA can be just as prosperous as Silicone Valley is ludicrous. Who, exactly, will do the more mundane jobs necessary to society? Store clerks, farm help, construction workers, health care aides…heck, nurses.

“Wages are flat.” Whose fault is that??? The party that killed unions!!! Bigshots like Trump who stiff their contractors. High tech entrepreneurs who find ways to automate jobs and remove humans from the work place. I just love hearing rich people talk about wages being flat when the main reason is the rich working hard to get a bigger share of the pie. Give the rich credit…they are grabbing ALL the new wealth being created in this country.

“The economy is broken.” First, it’s not broken. The economy is chugging right along. Second, to the extent it’s not working well, the cause is the rich grabbing more than their share by every means possible. That includes Wall Street, but is certainly not limited to them. Across the country, the wealthy push for lower wages for their employees…and then have the gall to wonder why the middle class is in decline.

“today our government is broken” First, it’s not broken. It functions and it functions well every day. Second, it could function better, but there is a political party that is intent on killing it every way they can. Third, the rich buy political favors from congress including government contracts for unnecessary work or deliver shoddy work which their cronies in congress help cover up.

“ fake culture wars only distract us from our economic decline, and nobody in this race is being honest about it except Donald Trump.” Really!?!? The culture wars aren’t fake, but they are ginned up by….Republicans. That is why the economy is not doing better…because so many on the right have been distracted by the culture wars promoted by Republicans. But there is a new player in these wars and his name is Donald Trump. He’s leading the charge against Hispanics. He’s leading the charge against Muslims. He’s leading the charge against Blacks. And his plans for the economy will only make the rich….richer.

“When Donald Trump asks us to Make America Great Again” he means electing him president. That’s it. With Donald as president, America becomes great again. He really doesn’t need to do anything more than have the title.

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