I’m not confusing empathy with approval.

Yes…I am special. I feel sorrow…empathy even, for you in your inability to recognize my specialness. Admittedly, everyone IS special…in their own way., but definitely not the same way from one person to the next. So, I’m sure you are special too.

Average people…are never completely average in every way. We are all weak at some things, average at most things, and strong in a few attributes. I am suggesting that I can view myself and my inclinations with more logic and less rationalization than most. Whether you agree or not…I don’t care.

What I am not suggesting is perfection in any form. However, the average Trump supporter is, from my perspective, willfully ignorant…at best. Despite the recent revelations of Trump as a sexual predator, they will stand behind him…probably because he is the closest candidate in personality and values to themselves, with all that implies.

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