How to find and fix conflicting shortcuts in Atom

(tested on Atom version 1.11.2)

The Problem

An existing shortcut or key has stopped working as expected since you have installed a new plugin.

The Solution

Step 1 — Key Binding Resolver

Show key bindings for each pressed key combination by toggling the Key Binding Resolver. This can be done by pressing ⌘ + . (command key and dot key).

Here, the resolver shows the core:move-up binding for the “up” arrow

Step 2— Keymap

When a key or combination of keys is pressed, the KB-Resolver highlights the most relevant mapping along with its file path.
This key-map path is clickable and when clicked, the mapping file is opened in the editor.

Pressing “alt+up-arrow” brings up two key-maps

In my screenshot example there are two conflicting plugins; emmet and line-jumper. Emmet is overriding line-jumper’s primary shortcut alt+up.

Step 3—Edit keymap file

You can either assign new keys and shortcuts to the offending mapping or just comment them out if they are not needed. When disabled, the other plugin (or core) can now utilise the key combination as before.

Commenting out offending key mappings

Once done, save file and restart Atom.

Thank you for reading my post. Feedback is welcome in the comments section.