I need that weed

I need that weed
How else can i forget 
My inadequacy
How epic a fail i am

I’d rather be stoned
Than talk right now
I’d rather be on this dimension
Than in the midst of your mumbo

Symmetric geometry is more beautiful
Than bullshit
Than the sound i hear
When your lips vibrate

You wouldn’t understand
All you know is what you see
You wouldn’t know depth
If you fell deep into it

Always analysing
Analyse my middle finger
Tell me how my middle finger
Would be more effective

All am really trying to say
Is fuck you
Maybe it’s not coming across clearly
Tell me how i can improve

How do you live like that
On the surface
With no appreciation 
For artistic depth

How is that good for your health
Ignorantly questioning 
My life choices
While making none of your own

Really, help me understand
Your devotion
To giving
Unsolicited advise

I need that weed
Coz this isn’t working
Maybe I’ll understand
When dimensions shift

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