We must not let our illusions ruin us

As I rue the loss of one more opportunity and think back over how I really failed, I figure that there is something inherently wrong with my thought system. That things almost never go according to my plan and when they don’t , I feel such a deep sense of despair and end up screwing up almost everything else.

I have failed too much in my life now.Some of those failures hurt a little , while some of them took my sleep away.
Yet, there is one thing in common in almost all of them:

That I was dreaming about my future too much and counting my chickens before they hatched. That I was so busy speculating and wondering that I failed to realise at what point planning changed to wishful thinking.

This one way or the other lead to over or under assessment of things, thereby ruining my planning and my preparations. Too much of living in fantasy damages our judgement and not to mention, failures seem quadrupled when expectations are not met.

It is good to dream,yes. And yet me must know how to keep our feet on the ground.
The Destination can be set as far as possible till we can see a path to it.

Otherwise, It will end up with nothing more than us wandering aimlessly through a road, wondering what went wrong and speculating on could have and should have been. We must know where we stand and what needs to be done so that we can experience happiness in reality , not illusions.

That we must know that our plans are not the only ones that bring joy .That we must keep our eyes open for opportunities and our heart open for hope. 
That everything does not have to happen according to our plan and our plan might even not be best one for us.