Renting A Pocket Wifi in Japan?

If you’re interested in getting a Pocket Wifi or Data SIM for their internet needs in Japan, I recently rented from Wi-Fi Rental Store for a 5 day trip to Nagoya and Ise.

The Y!Mobile (formerly EMobile) GL06P Mobile WiFi plan has a monthly allowance of 10GB for LTE speeds, and will throttle after.

I took at least 8 minutes worth of videos for Instagram Stories each day; browsed Twitter, Facebook, and Plurk; backed up my videos to Google Photos to save space; chatted on Messenger and Viber; and the usual Google Maps and Search for when we get lost or looking for a place to go. My friend who I share the WiFi with also has a similar use case, and we had no problems with the speed.

We did, however, go into some buildings and stores where there’s no reception but can be resolved by moving away for a small distance.

The GL06P has a surprisingly long battery life for an LTE router constantly sharing to at least two devices. It lasted around 6–8 hours before needing a charge. I brought my Anker PowerCore 13000 with me, so I have no problems with charging both my phone and the router. If you’d like, the store also rents out power banks for around ¥50–100 per day.

I’ve previously used PuPuRu which also offers the GL06P, and so far Wi-Fi Rental Store’s has the cheapest and most straightforward rate.

If you’d like to use a Pocket Wifi and Data SIM on the Docomo network for better reliability, I recommend going with Sakura Mobile. I’ve used their rental 3GB Data SIM and Pocket Wifi in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya and it’s pretty reliable.

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