EMF Day one (Published early, notes will be cleaned up)

First off we had to get to EMFCamp. Last time in 2014 a good friend Colin drove which was great for all sorts of reasons. This time we thought we would go from Nottingham where I work and part time live. Turns our traffic was terrible and it took just about forever to get here.

We had never used our camping kit since 2014 and I was slightly concerned but Nikki being wonderful we both got to work on this on the Wednesday and Thursday before coming down and everything was fine. When we got here the tent was trivial to setup and our only problem was we should have brought the 50m power cable but thankfully a helpful local neighbour was willing to let us daisy chain from theirs.

After camp was up next thing was drink and food, in that order. Got some “Acid Rain” which is a chilli and coffee flower based drink with ginger beer. I need to make this as I need more of this in my life. Makes cold brew seem like dirty water.

Got food, burrito. They said they could do 0 to 10 on the spice and warned a 10 really was a 10. This was very true.

When I got to the first talk I had intended to take notes on the iPad Pro $current_employer has provided. Sadly this was without charge and it appears I might have lost the nib (found) for Apple Pencil. Instead I started taking notes in Medium which means more publishing, this can’t be a bad thing.

Anyhoo, on to the first talk — https://www.emfcamp.org/line-up/2016/214-getting-physical-with-web-bluetooth-in-the-browser

Before going to this I was worried about security of this concept and nothing in this has convinced me that is not going to be a problem. However this is really cool. Basically you can Bluetooth broadcast a URL, this works in Android, iOS and other useful platforms. This is much easier than things like QR Codes and I imagine this has some future.

The other neat part of this is then you can use Javascript to control Bluetooth devices, the part that worries me. I can instantly see something I would want to use this for. Home media control. HTML interfaces are far easier to modify and allow people who understand pretty things to let make them pretty. However the other side of this is

First talk, Bluetooth web. Eddystone. Chrome on iOS and only HTTPS works. Progressive Web Apps? London buses have beacons. Notifications broken in iOS 10 beta sadly :( Engrok? Bluetooth access from JavaScript. This is going to be another security hole. Do. Not. Want. Was able to control a microbit, drone (it crashed) and a BB8 from a browser. Code

Image for post
Image for post

Enabled on Chrome chrome://flags and need Chrome 53.


Still Windows hate in this talk, even with a Microsoft stall next door. In fairness also ripped people developing on Linux, basically a fan of doing dev on macOS.

https://goo.gl/7uAtkY – videos from Google IO.

Talk was good and I learned new stuff.

Second talk — https://www.emfcamp.org/line-up/2016/281-how-to-make-your-own-wearable-color-organ-dress

I was interested because making clothes is cool and Nikki hacked her boots just to come here. I would love us to do more of this together.

There is such a thing as conductive thread, awesomesauce. McCalls pattern 8. Layers for different circuits. Microcontrollers, Adafruit Gemma or Flora. AdaFruit Flora RGB Smart NeoPixels for the lights. Maxim MAX4466 microphone. Using hotglue to keep it together and so hand washing and this has broken once in three wearing. Camp Holland for later questions.

Side note: was going to take notes on my iPad Pro and found the tip has vanished.

Side note 2: had to use google to find the wifi details, which worked and there is an insecure wifi network to use for doing just this.

Met tef, I know I have met an old friend when they call me Rab.

Workshop 1: smartphone brain-computer interface. Missed that I needed and Android device for this and now I am around people who do cool stuff I miss having my android device.

SSVEP uses visual cortex. Uses flashes and cycling (Hz) to monitor what is happening in your brain.

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All I do is automate things, every so often I mix that up with some sleep.

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