Hello Medium

This is my first post on meduim.

As a good manner, I will introduce myself with some words.


At least now, I am just an undergraduate student in a normal college. My major is CS(computer science). In other words, I may be a developer or programer in the future. I am applying for graduate school and has received some offers as well as rejections. But it is a hard time to decide which one I should accept. So, it is unclear now which school I will choose to attend.


My major is just what I like. CS contains lots of subfields but every field will change everyone’s life in the short future and it is possible for almost everyone to make a contribution to this trend, just like you can make a pull request to a popular repository in the Github. Or, you just create one new repo. So, you see. CS could just give everyone a possibility to change the world.


to be continued…

I might update this passage at any time.

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