There are obvious trends such as anti-aging or pollution concerns, technology and natural/organic concepts. These are already here and will definitely continue to impact beauty. However, the biggest change in the future will be redefining the way we produce skincare in order to keep up with today’s consumer. Here are a few predictions on what’s going to happen to the beauty industry in the near future:

  • Beauty will be real
  • Beauty will be fresh
  • Beauty will be easy
  • Beauty will be transparent

Beauty will be real

My first prediction is that women will no longer want to be told what to look like. They will embrace their « perfectly imperfect » selves, realizing that it’s really all about how they define theirselves at any given moment in time. Consequently, they will require to be part of the conversation. They won’t look for a “one size fits all”, but rather for something very unique that reflects their personnality. Products won’t be standard anymore but taylor-made and developped for and with each woman.

Beauty will be easy

Between building careers, managing a home, and parenting, women’s to-do lists are growing increasingly longer. Brands must therefore shift from telling to assisting them, supporting them in their search for comfort and problem solving. Tomorrow, women will no longer waste time in beauty shops looking for the right cream. They will directly ask a laboratory to create the perfect product for them. Beauty will become interactive and personal. Women will be able to describe their unique details and preferences, including ingredient allergies and favorite textures or odors. Then, a specialist will create the perfect product for them in a real beauty laboratory. Over the seasons, he will tailor the formula to fit the evolution of their needs and will send the new product just on time for the refill.

Beauty will be fresh

Rethinking industry on freshness introduces two main things : safety and efficacy. For years, the skincare industry has spent billions extending the life of their products by months or even years. Has anyone asked why? It may be because industry produces huge quantities and needs time to sell them. Today most skincare products are formulated to last at least 18 months, that is 1.5 years or longer. Long shelf lives have become the industry standard and it has been the same for preservatives and additives. But active ingredients cannot be protected against breakdown over time. Numerous studies have shown that commonly used active agents, such as vitamins A, C and E, are unstable in cosmetic formulations. They start loosing their beneficial properties in just few months. Freshness is the key to insure efficacy while removing useless additives, controversial preservatives and petrochemicals.

Beauty will be transparent

Consumers are increasingly concerned with how companies and products impact the environment. However, most are either not aware or cannot recollect companies’ green initiatives. That gives the impression that some information are hidden from the public eye. Transparency introduces something new and very powerful : accountability. In tomorrow beauty stores, products will be made in front of consumers. They will be able to see natural ingredients blended together in each cream and the production method. Short channels will be prefered to long supply chains.

Of course, as for all predictions, I could be wrong ! But, even if my expectations don’t pan out as I anticipated, the issues mentionned above will eventually have to be resolved !