Day 8 (wk2.1) — First Day

Today was the first day of my summer teaching position for Girls Who Code. I tried to run my bicycle all the way around o IBM’s campus. Unfortunately, there was t enough time and leg power to finish the last leg. As a result, I hopped on the bus. Regardless, my first day was amazing! I give all the credit to my TAs (Baolinh and Ivy).

After a long day of work, I went forward with my CTCI schedule and completed Chapter 1 of strings and arrays. In addition, Noly worked completing CSS and bootstrap. Colten Steele provides a great overview of CSS and Bootcamp which caused us to scrapped Eduonix 10 Bootcamp Projects from our Thrive Bootcamp curriculum. This is not knocking the course. It’s solely based on our time constraint.

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