Freedom or Death

It was a hot day in the village It felt like If I was in a oven being cooked alive I said to myself that I should go for a swim in the shore. My name Is Neo and I am seventeen years old and I lived with my parents my sister died when she was seven because of a disease she caught and couldn’t get cure i lived in a village in nigeria.

I told my mom that I will be taking a swim and will be right back, when I went to the shore I could feel the water cold and refreshing I could taste the salt water that accidentally went to my mouth. I finish swimming so I decided to go back to the village to eat dinner I took a shower and I could feel the cold water touching my skin I felt pain.I had sunburn my skin was really red and It was really uncomfortable Is like someone slapped me multiple times. I finished eating dinner with my parents and went to 5AM my parents were still asleep and everyone was still asleep In their huts. There was just one person awake In the fire because It was really cold. I told him good morning, he responded back good morning . I got a small blanket and went to the shore to see the sun rise, I could feel the warm heat from the sun.At 10:51 I already ate breakfast and when I hear a loud noise then I decided to go check it out, I went to the shore and when I see something coming closer to shore,It was a ship and I didn’t know it was doing here and who they Were.I felt shaky because they could be people that could harm our village even my family i decided to go back to the village so I could warned the people from my village and I told my mom and dad,they warned everyone I went to look if they were gone but they made it to shore I was shocked my heart felt like it was going to stop I couldn’t breathe properly,i went running back to the village I told them that they are in shore then a decided to checked it out and he never head back to the village.

Then I Could could hear a lot a footsteps In the Jungle and there were the people in the boat they started to take people away from the village when i look at this i was terrified neo!!!! Shouted out my mom run!!,run!! She said,my dad was also caught some villager got their spears to fight back I could see with my own eyes dead bodies of the people i knew and the kidnappers blood all over the wall someone necked got sliced off i ran as fast as i can.All of the villagers were gather and some even got executed,they executed the king and his family by firing squad.]

Example of firing squad:

I was the only one that wasn’t capture yet,the master captain ernie sent some five troops to check if any slaves had runned away.,that how they called us when i was running a kitnapper tackled me out of nowhere and we both fell down I tried to fight back with my fist the guy was trying to hold my both arms and legs to chain them i felt like i was an animal when he tried to chain me,and i spotted something inside the man’s pocket i noticed that It was a weapon that was useful i reached and grabbed it and stabbed the guy in the back 10–15 times the guy blood was everywhere in the ground is like i spilled red paint in the ground,I felt guilty by what i have done I had blood all over my clothes i Ran!!,Ran!!,Ran!!.