Staying Healthy After Being Diagnosed With a Disease

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, a thyroid problem or some form of cancer, it’s important to keep your body as healthy and strong as possible after diagnosis. No matter the ailment or disease, the introduction of new practices back into your routine requires a conscientious and mindful approach. Be gentle with yourself and with your body during this time. What are some things that can be done to gradually introduce new practices into your everyday life, and what are some aspects that can be considered?


The important thing to remember when it comes to exercising after having been diagnosed with a disease of any kind is to start slowly. While you may have been an avid gym-goer before, it might not be such a good idea for you to jump right back into to heavy weight lifting. Depending on your situation, you might try starting with walking every other day, eventually working up to daily walking.

Yoga and meditation are also great ways to introduce exercise into your routine. Part of the beauty of yoga is that you can make it as gentle or intense as you’d like it to be, fully allowing it to align with what feels right or works for your body. Yoga can help with chronic pain, regulating blood pressure and relieving anxiety or depression.

Check with your doctor before trying anything new to make sure you have the go-ahead.

Eating Healthy

Depending on the disease with which you have been diagnosed, your doctor may recommend certain foods or a specific food plan. Integrating lots of vegetables and fruits (being mindful of how much natural sugars some contain) into your diet is generally a great idea.

Also check in with the habits you may have found yourself adhering to. How quickly do you typically eat? Try to slow it down a little bit, giving your body more time to process and digest. Do you find yourself eating when you’re not hungry? What about always feeling the need to eat all that’s in front of you? It can be incredibly helpful to plan your meals ahead of time so that you know you’re including well-balanced nutritional items and keeping your proportions where they should be.

Social Life

While you may not always feel like going out, it’s important to keep your family and friends close for support. It can be a trying situation mentally to be diagnosed with a disease, and now more than ever it’s crucial for your good friends and family to be nearby. Ask your doctor if you would like to introduce alcohol into your life. It may not be a good idea depending on what you’ve been diagnosed with, but it’s possible that small amounts would be safe.

No matter what disease you’ve been diagnosed with, it’s so important to connectwith doctors, hospitals and other patients who may have a similar situation.

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