“Love Will Win” poster download

Download, share, print for your protest needs

Font is Sans Poster Bold (does what it says!). Vector graphic came from Creative Market.

Wait, what? You’re marching this weekend too? What a coincidence. Oh! I made something you can use. Please take it. Free, my gift to you. No need to credit me either. Take and spread as you like.

Just *promise* you’ll print from the PDF download (see links below) and not the JPG preview. Otherwise it won’t look as nice and that will make me crazy. You can print this anywhere you print 11x17s.

If you want more size formats or variations, leave a comment below.

It says “Love will win” and in small print “January 20, 2017 and everyday.”

Wait, one more thing — try to live the message, ok?

Print this yellow sunburst “LOVE WILL WIN” poster.