I Don’t Really Believe in “Work-Life Balance”
Danielle Morrill

I see your point. I think what work-life balance really means is that is that one part of your life shouldn’t shade the other. What I mean is that talking with your friends and family about your work or projects is fine. But stop listening them (or your daughter exhibition) because you have to call a provider o per coworker is not. I see it like a mindfulness reminder. I should be here now. If here and now is talking about work is fine. But if here and now is watching Dori with your son and listen to his dreams then work distractions have no please.

That is difficult to some of us (a lot of us) it it’s more difficult as much passionate on it we are. Because I really love what I do I’ve got it always in my mind. And I have to learn to listen to other things.

So, no W/L balance is not to set boundaries and forbid work outside work, it is to learn when to leave it apart because there is something else now.

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