Being tired isn’t a badge of honor
Jason Fried

This is not restricted to entrepreneurs. For example, there is an expectation in the consulting industry (not just tech, but strategy, IT, etc.) that while you are on the road, you should be billable at all hours. And I’m saying this as a W2 employee, not a 1099 contractor.

It’s an endemic problem in the US. Protestant work ethic, etc., blah blah blah. I know many people who have retired early on all the money that earned them only to die of heart attacks.

My father was self-employed in a service business he took over from his father, who had died of a heart attack in his late 50s. My father actually worked MORE than his own father, but actually got to retire. Now he only works a 40-hour week, he jokes.

I will not be like this, and I work (haha) at it constantly. If I don’t need to be online working, I’m not. But the pressure is always there.

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