Oil Changes

A necessary fact of life is the oil change if you own a car! I’ve actually changed the oil on my car before, but it wasn’t that easy! I’m not a mechanic. Yes, I’ve read the dummies guide to automobiles to sort of learn my way around a car. Yet, I think it best to have the experts change my oil.

Changing my oil means waiting on the car. I don’t usually drop it off for that short of an amount of time.

I like having the waiting time. It gives me time to reflect. Time to look out the window and watch the world go by. Maybe have a real breakfast like oatmeal or yogurt or a biscuit while I wait — of course I bring take out, I wish where I have the oil changed that they would provide a free breakfast with every oil change!

It’s a good time to catch up on paperwork. It’s a good time to just chill.

For me an oil change is also for me and not just for my car!