Want to take a guess as to what this is?

On My Reading List This Week: DJ Khaled, BandPage, and don’t forget Kanye.

Mornin’ friends.

Hmmmm. Where to begin?

Well. If Samir hasn’t given you his spiel on DJ Khaled and how he’s kicking ass and taking names on Snapchat yet, then you can read about it here. (AdWeek)

Kanye. Kanye. Kanye. What ARE you doing? Another long list of confusing tweets this week, and everybody’s stealing Pablo — which can’t be good since Yeezy is apparently pretty tapped out cash-wise. (TNW)

News broke this week that YouTube has acquired BandPage. It will be pretty interesting to see what happens to their existing partnerships, and whether YouTube can really bring online merch sales to scale (if that’s even their plan). (TechCrunch)

Looks like Vevo is heading towards subscription. (Re/Code)

I probably should have led with Grammy coverage, but let’s face it, you’ve already read about it by now. (Billboard)

Dude, this is pretty sick. So remember that cover image above? Built by Braintree — Codeology visualizes projects from GitHub. You can search for any user and it will render shapes and colors based on the language used and length of code. (Codeology)

Adam’s Spyre App
I don’t know what this is Sam, but it looks pretty snazzy.
Kanye Honk FTW Samir.

Oh and for the uninitiated — please enjoy Kanye Honk, built by our very own Samir Rayani. It has brought us all endless hours of entertainment.

In other news, Rihanna is just canceling things left, right, and center. First the Grammys, and now she’s postponing her ‘Anti’ tour. (Billboard)

Some pretty beefy numbers for Zayn Malik. It seems he’ll be just fine without the rest of One Direction.

In videos this week, the following is indeed a gripping depiction of true artisanal craftsmanship. Or something along those lines.

Oh, and here’s some new music for you as well.

Thanks for coming to the party guys. Catch you next week.

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