Protein Ad

Lauren Busby


Myers P.3

In this ad they are clearly selling a protein shake to make people feel

better about themselves. This is the need to dominate because they

want, specifically men, to drink this shake so they feel like they are

being healthy and to feel like a man. This ad is effective because they

put two muscular and healthy men on the cover so people directly look

at them.

When I look at this ad, my eyes directly look at the mens facial

expressions. They look serious and intimidating. They want men to

think that they will grow as a man or to look more manly if they drink

them. To go along with their facial expressions, they used a warm color

as the background. They put orange as the background to make it seem

like you will have a lot of energy and you will be more happy as a

person. Their logo is full of energy so people will be more positive.

This ad is more directed towards men. They both appear to be wearing

baseball pants and the guy in the back has a wristband with a number

on it to seem like he is more athletic. Another key attention getter is the

bold title. They want to use a word that will have an impact on

someone. Any Athlete likes the word champion, so that is what makes

people want to drink the shakes.

All in all, this ad has a lot of attention getters. They have bold letters in

the center of their ad so people’s eyes first go to that. They want people

to notice how the guys are in shape so people will get the idea about

starting to workout to look like them.

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