How to get 800+ unique visitors in 3 weeks starting with ?

June 30th : when I received Trevor Owens’s mail announcing QuickMVP, I jumped into it with one (silly) idea picked up in my Evernote’s stored ideas.

The first week of experiment started July, 1st with this domain name : and the following advertising displayed with the keywords “in-depth article” and “news” :

It gave the crappiest metrics I ever measured, as displayed with the QuickMVP-MetricsSpreadsheet :

What ! a CTR of 0,02% ! The major problem was that QuickMVP gave no detailed information on what happened, just 12 clicks from Goggle Ads and 97 unique visitors.

From where did the 85 others came ? I’ve just “Buffered” the link to my twitter account, Facebook page, Google Plus and LinkedIn on July, 1st and 5th. Works better than Google Ads ;)

In fact I had one click but it was Trevor, he nicely gave me some answers to the follow up questions I’ve sent him by mail.

the whole reason I’m signing up is because my interests are not the ordinary” — Trevor Owens

Anyway I’ve decided to continue the experiment on Google Ads for 2 weeks, because :

  • I needed better metrics that the current version of QuickMVP cannot provide
  • I had a 75€ coupon for 25€ spent on Google Adwords expiring July, 31th

With my own google Ads account, I’ve setup this new campaign :

  • new advertising message :
  • same landing page on QuickMVP but with a $10 button instead of $1
  • amount limited to 6€ per day for 1 week, and not more !
  • capped CPC at 20c
  • everyday monitoring in order to check the results and decide to continue (one week more in fact)
  • focus on US only

Here are the results, number of clics blue line, CTR orange line :

As a spreadsheet :

Some explanations : At the end of the first week I used the diagnostic tool provided by Google Ads, and it suggested to add another keyword : “breaking news”. That’s what I did for the second week campaign (with the same ad), it brought 159 additional clicks for a total of 416 clicks.

From 12 clicks to 416 clicks, it’s a 35 times increase

The final results on QuickMVP dashboard are :

You can see that the total number of unique visitors is 829 (x8 compared to the previous week), Google Ads provides half of unique visitors (I did not resend any message on social networks). 36 button clicks but only 3 visitors filled the email address form.

As it’s not possible to get Google Analytics data from QuickMVP for now, this is the end of the report of my experiment. If I can get some data, I’ll update this post.

I would like to thank Vivekananthan, Sirfaraz, Jonathan and Trevor for their feedback and help during the experiment.

If you need help on how to do this for your own project or anything else you would like to discuss, book me on