Flipboard Not Available

Lokesh Basu
Mar 23, 2016 · 2 min read

Something weird happened yesterday. I was going through news articles and suddenly I got a message saying that Flipboard is undergoing maintenance.

This was weird because this has never happened to me before in like ~5 years since I started using Flipboard and since been dependent on it for all the information intake that happens in my daily life.

This is not a criticism, but quite contrary, it’s an admission of affection and dependence of many people like me on Flipboard. I think, this is the only app after Evernote that has a prominent place in our daily life.

The message that I received yesterday was a reminder of my dependency on Flipboard.

There have come many applications and services in these 5–6 years but nothing has even come close to Flipboard in offering what it does so elegantly and to our satisfaction, almost all the time.

I offer my gratitude to the people at Flipboard for developing this awesome application. If anyone of you at Flipboard do read this then you are all invited for lunch at my place whenever you are in India. This is the least I could do for you all. 😀😀😀

Thanks for making our life flipped with information. (Don’t know if that counts as a sentence but anyways you will get the point.)

Lokesh Basu

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