SwiftKey: iOS Keyboard that could never happen

Apple has killed innovation. It doesn’t like innovation anymore nor does it allows anyone else to innovate on its platform.

Default iOS keyboard is the WORST keyboard there is. But people at SwiftKey couldn’t see iOS users suffer because of the mistakes of Apple so they developed the best keyboard for iOS.

SwiftKey is amazing. I use two language packs, English & Hinglish (yes it’s very effective for people like me who are from India). I’ve almost never ever have typed a wrong word or misspelled a word while swiping through the keyboard. The prediction also works flawlessly.

But how could Apple allow something good to exist? The third party keyboard integration in iOS is the worst by any software provider I have ever seen. Apple just did it so that it can save face because every other platform was growing exponentially, innovation and developing the thing that people needed and wanted.

Sometimes back I had a thought that people at a billion dollar company must be hard at work and might even be planning to either buy SwiftKey (which Microsoft did) or developing something like it. But I was dead wrong. Apple is busy in forming plans to sell USED iPhones in India or adding more RAM to it’s existing product or may be adjusting the pricing of Apple Watch so that they can sell to more consumers. Apparently INNOVATION is that last thought at a company that started and grew with innovation at its heart.

SwiftKey is doing really great considering the constrains and mindless limitations of iOS. I have seen more innovation from a keyboard company, SwiftKey, than a company where a keyboard is just a 0.01% of the products it develops.

Keep innovating SwiftKey.

My anger 😡 for Apple and LOVE 😍 for SwiftKey.

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