Target’s Re-haul of Denim

Enter with one thing, leave with everything.

Target has long branded itself for its quality at lower prices, as well as the one-stop shop for all your shopping needs. Often sucking consumers into buying more than expected, the store is designed to offer fashionable product at affordable prices. Their unique focus on pricing and value enhances the company’s competitive edge allowing them to tap into a larger market for discount shoppers and stay relevant through changing economic times. Over the years they have been able to maintain a powerful market position against other massive retailers such as Walmart,differentiating themselves through powerful merchandise assortments and price positioning adjusted to consumer and value marketing messages.

All that in mind, Target’s denim is no exception.

Striving to be fashion-forward, denim has always been a staple in Target merchandise. In 1962 Target began selling denim under their the private label “Tarval”, quickly followed by Wrangler and Levi’s the following year. Once denim began to dominate the American style, Target began offering more brands and followed the designer jean trend of the 1980s. The first Levi’s sale Target offered sold 60,000 jeans in three days. By the 2000s, Target was offering their own branded denim, Merona, as well as their exclusive denim brands, Circo and Xhilartion. Target denim has maintained a strong presence in their advertising as well — featuring 2,687 times in their weekly ad since opening in 1962. The prices have increased from around $10.99 a pair to around $30.

Going back to the consumer-value based marketing, in 2015 Target redesigned their advertising as well as their jeans. In order to keep on trend, they created new styles and fits similar to those higher-end jeans but at a $30 price-tag. They have increased their assortment offering special treatments, colors, body types, and styles.

They released the following video showcasing the new material, pocket placement, and 66 new washes hoping to re-inspire their consumer. Target reports that they have seen a positive response to their changes in denim giving their consumer driven by quality and trend.

Once again target is focused on increased product assortment at good value. The video stresses the quality of the material and thought behind each jean design, urging consumers to believe that they are getting more than they pay for.

For the upcoming fall Target has released a new campaign titled, “Dear Jeans” meant to encourage women to try new denim styles and “fall back in love with your jeans.” In the video, Target showcases five women who describe their current struggles with jeans and how each style works differently for them. Target wants it’s consumers to know that no matter who you are or where you wear your denim, they have got you covered. You will look great and feel great at a competitive value.

Both of the above campaigns are primarily targeted towards women. Perhaps Target chose to focus on women because women are the ones known for having struggles with jeans for different body types and curves.

The following TV advertisement was released during Back to School, showcasing their diverse product assortment in a comedic manner, with hyper attention to denim.

Target denim has also been featured on several blogging websites such as “Living with Landyn” a lifestyle website catered towards women.

In addition to their own social media, Target also sponsored another blog, “14 Days of Denim” by giving a blogger 4 different styles of denim to share her feelings with her audience. She validated the fashionable affordability that Target claims to offer and encouraged her followers to try a pair. Only one post on Target’s Instagram featured denim — using primarily third-party and corporate bloggers.

In store, Target denim focused on sales and discounts for the whole family. The promotion currently being offered is buy one get one 50% off all jeans for the whole family.

But what makes Target different from their counterparts?

The variety of product is unimaginable. With over 66 washes and the extensive number of styles and washes, the customer can be assured that by going to Target for their jeans, the customer will find something that suites their lifestyle and personality.

Not to mention the customer can also outfit the whole family with their denim. Target offers a one-stop-shop for family outfitting. Where else can you go to do your weekly grocery shopping as well as your next new wardrobe?

Discounted shopping. Target is the place to go if you’re looking for that steal. Even though their prices are already competitive with other discount retailers they offer frequent promotions appealing to both the discount and quality shopper. The price cuts increase their consumer base. What makes Target different from Walmart, is the perceived quality difference. Including denim, Target advertises a superior quality at a discounted price.

In order to better position themselves in the market, Target needs to better emphasize family shopping. They currently do a good job of marketing themselves to the consumer as a value shopping experience, but what makes them different is there wide variety of merchandise options resulting in an all inclusive shopping experience for the whole family. By emphasizing this, they will be able to distinguish themselves from other retailers such as American Eagle and H&M, while still relaying a higher quality than retailers such as Walmart. To do so, Target would need to feature more family oriented denim advertising instead of focusing on primarily women.

So what’s on the next list to Target? Denim for you. Denim for the family.

This post was created as part of the Textile Technology and Apparel Management Program at the NC State College of Textiles. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #NCStatetextiles.

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