LCCX Update: 9th Nov

After months of development and testing LCCX is now ready to roll out to the public.

We currently have 20 cryptocurrencies available to trade across three fiat markets (GBP, USD and EUR) and two crypto markets (BTC and ETH). This is for most of these tokens the first time users are able to trade them against fiat pairs.

We’ll be improving the exchange on an ongoing basis and adding in features that we feel are needed. We’ll also be adding more tokens/coins to the exchange. We have a number already lined up to add over the next couple of months, most of which haven’t got existing fiat pair trading available so we expect LCCX to be in high demand.

We’re very excited about the progress so far and the plans for the future.

In 2019 we aim to:

  • Launch the dedicated ISO and Android apps for LCCX.
  • Add over 100 tokens on offer across all our fiat and crypto pairs.
  • Become a regulated payment service provider (PSP) giving us the ability to create bank accounts for our clients and issue debit cards.

We also aim to vastly grow the exchange and it’s user numbers. This will create greater liquidity on the exchange and increase the demand for our London Exchange Token (LXT).

Lastly, thanks to our community and the people who have helped beta test the exchange and improve it over the last two months. We appreciate it and hope you continue to help us improve the exchange and service.


Robert Benwell

Founder & CEO