How to develop a Growth mindset — The Mind’s Mine Perspective

This article is part of the series — how to overcome any obstacle — today we will make sure to give you a powerful system to make you more productive


your mind gonna try to trap you with some mine’s mine, this one is the fixed mindset — most people live with it, it’s when people think that they can’t change, their circumstances are determined by birth and that they can’t change anything about this

they will say things like: “I’m born like that” “ there is nothing we can do” “ it was due to happen” and much more — this mindset is very contagious and in most of the time it comes from the family — this mindset leads to misery in 95% of the case

it does not have to be you, you just need a shift in your perceptive

your perceptive create your reality, so let’s create a new reality that will make you accomplish 10 times more


Acknowledge and embrace imperfections.

perfection is one of the mind’s mine that your mind will use against you, your mind will tell you that you have to make something perfect to show it to the world

but saying that we are a perfectionist is just a way to never face the criticism of people, it’s also a way that our bad mind make us stay in the comfort zone

a perfectionist will never accomplish as much as a person that aim for progression, nobody is perfect in his first try, you don’t have to put yourself thought such a pressure

by staying on the same project/obstacle you :

  • Will limit your possibility of experiment
  • You will get frustrated because you don’t seem to accomplish anything with your time — soon you’ll give up because your bad mind will persuade you that this is not worth it

So what can we do :

  • aim for progression over perfection
  • publish something that is pretty good or good enough at your eyes — so you can get going on a new opportunity

View challenges as opportunities.

This point is very simple but very powerful also, your perspective creates your reality, so make sure that you pick up the right perspective

your subconscious will accept what you say as truth if he can’t prove otherwise since your subconscious and your conscious can’t access the domain of each other, he will accept what you say about your state of mind

much like the atheists who say — “I was not scared, I was excited” — the way you qualify your mental state will create a loop that will make you accomplish more or stay in the comfort zone

What do you want to do to have more result :

  • change the way you qualify your mental state in a way that reflects ho you want to be

Reward Effort before talent

when people say “it’s natural” they close themselves in a fixed mindset, it might seem that it’s working out well for them but, when you’ll meet try adversity and fail for the first time — it will challenge their internet identity

most people at this point, prefer denying reality to stay in there Lalaland so they can still feel good about their past accomplishment without facing the future and the fact that they don’t practice enough to keep ut with the competition

What do you want to do to have more result :

  • Make sure that you reward your effort; so your good mind understand the relationship between working hard and the reward — he will give you a boost of motivation to reinforce, even more, this relationship
  • Give yourself a treat for the action you took every day and say that this is why you got the treat
  • Celebrate every little victory: the best way to keep your motivation in the long run

Cultivate a sense of purpose

most people overthink this part — I invite you to define something that speaks to you then improve on it

what is your cause and your mission — if you don’t have one — define the perfect world through your lens and reverse engine the Changement — it means to define the value and action that will lead to such a vision

Make it part of you — identify with it, but still keep your mind open to change, nobody has all the cards

What do you want to do to have more result :

  • Define what is your cause and mission
  • Define the world you’ll like to create —
  • Then reverse engineer the value you’ll need to take to create this vision
  • Keep it close to your heart but still keep an open mind

Change the way you talk — [PRACTICAL]

your subconscious will accept the way you qualify yourself, so make sure that the words you use are the one you’ll like to be qualified by

Use the word “yet”

most people say “I’m not good enough for X” or “I can’t do X”, by saying that they enslave themselves into the Mind’s Mine → fixed mindset

the next step for most people will be to fall into the victimization — where they say that they can’t change anything in there life because of “parents/family/money/society….”

TO AVOID this outcome, I invite you to make sure to use YET at this end of limiting sentences like “I can’t do this …etc”

it’s easy to do actually, you just have to add the word after you said the sentence

try it you’ll see that you’ll feel a lot less defeated

There is no failure — only learning

We are in a society that hates failure, we avoid it like the plague — but failure is also the best way to learn and grow as a person, note that it doesn’t have to be your failures

So :

  • Understand that failure make you growth
  • Give yourself the chance to take risk and experiment

Learn from other people’s mistakes

one the best way to develop a growth mindset is to understand that you can learn from your mistake

a better way is to seek other’s mistakes so you save your time and you still acquire growth

try to learn everything you can from a specific topic by going on forum/google / and every platform you can think about

Take ownership over your attitude — TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

your bad mind might try to trap you into the mind’s mine “victimization”, we already talked about it but I think that this is an important enough point to get back to it

most people say, “it’s not my fault” but when they do, it takes the control out of there hands, they become a spectator of their own life

the solution is to believe that you are responsible for everything that happened in your life and what will happen in your life

understand me, you’re not guilty, but you are responsible

  • responsible means that you’ll do something to change the situation, that you’ll take action for a better world
  • guilty means that you are the cause of the misery in your world

often you are not guilty don’t worry, but by taking action any way you’ll change the situation so you accomplish a lot more things in your life


Define the Section that spoke the most to you

what would be easy enough for you to start

Define your 80%/20%

in all the action that you can’t find in this article, there is one that will take you 20% of the effort for 80% of the result

you just have to define it, don’t overthink it, just experiment than improve on it

Use the Gotcha technique:

every time you hear yourself say things that block you in the comfort zone or things that defeat you — use the Gotcha technique

just caught yourself in the sentence and dissociate yourself from the thought, the more you’ll do that the less the limiting thought will appear



focus on productivity — we believe that you have an Epic Potential ready to be unleashed— it’s hard and that why we work to make simple and applicable processes

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focus on productivity — we believe that you have an Epic Potential ready to be unleashed— it’s hard and that why we work to make simple and applicable processes