Be Boundless

This horizon is mine by design.

My thoughts stitch together distant patches of rain,

with future rays of sunlight.

The dip and pull of the needle contracts every muscle in my body

Forging new lines on my much marked canvas.

Some may look at this canvas; a work in progress, as

a tumultuous explosion of multicolored lines,

leading to no discernible destination. But

I know this thread I’ve strewn across my whole life

brings with it the fabric of every moment I’ve ever breathed

And I can run my fingers across each moment —

They shoot off in new colors to pull me down one path or another.

Although some parts are frayed and knotted,

There’s always a silky smooth section that follows,

Piecing together the image that forms my very own horizon.

It is the constant



growing culmination of all that I have been and all

that I ever will be.

Though my fingers are rough and my palms overworked,

I won’t stop the thread from flowing out my fingertips,

Adding new colors, new materials, new textures

to cast my future before me.

Each stitch pulls me deeper

into my ever expanding horizon,

and I am boundless.