Has Anyone Noticed Live Streaming Is Boring?
Whit Harwood

Don’t you think live “TV” is generally boring without a lot of clever camera work and presenters with a knack for keeping the pace up? Even with all the help in the world, live can still fall flat. For instance, I recall a 2 hour ITV peak time show shot live in a traffic cop car. Literally nothing happened, it was embarrassing and the only good to come out of it was that it destroyed the idea that UK streets and roads are engulfed in some sort of dystopian lawless fog.

Those who create nonsense / bubblegum / pulp content with these super easy creation tools, the best place for their content is indeed social media sites, with a shelf life shorter than a cornetto in Death Valley and a big “off” button. For creators of well crafted stuff using these same super user-friendly tools, my view is that if you are looking to get an enduring message out, never before has a focus on your website and Google (two “always on” platforms) been more important to your business or mission.

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