For All of Elon Musk’s Brilliance, He Can’t Grasp This Fundamental Concept
Paris Marx

Maybe Musk’s small carpark is proving to his workers that cars arent the future and they should come in car share etc? I reckon also that he has grasped that people can’t take on too much change at once. Massive Step one of mind changing - prove high end electric car performance is equal or better to current fossil fuel run sporty cars — achieved by tapping into rich wallets; Slightly easier step 2 - introduce a mid range electric car for next income bracket “down” which would include city taxi drivers, giving the city folks a taster; you haven’t allowed time for possible steps 3 of mind change (cheaper electric car for us plebs out of town) and step 4, Tesla technology adopted by public transport cos to clean up cities. Step 5, why can’t city properties harness Tesla solar / battery power to supplement the grid once his hardware prices have dropped courtesy of rich early adopters? Trickle down doesn’t work for whole economies but if Musk is tapping into the elite to fund significantly beneficial tech-driven solutions (not nirvana) for the masses, at last, some good may come from an horrendously inequal economic model. Plus it isnt all on Musk, he has released all his patents to the public domain I believe, so anyone can show him how its done now.

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