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I’ve tried Tailwind for 2/3 hours and that’s what I saw

Hi everyone!
I’m here to tell you about my experience with this “new” CSS framework. I’m mostly a Bootstrap user and I’ve used it for 5 years but I’m constantly in search of something new. Not necessarily the latest bleeding-edge technology, just the right amount of code that can help me in the creation of interfaces.

I’ve started my trial with the homepage, usually, it’s the first thing that a user will see. The first visible thing is the value proposition:

A utility-first CSS framework for rapidly building custom designs.

utility-first usually means that you have to use a lot of classes to obtain what you want. In fact, Tailwind has mapped a lot of CSS properties to classes. And here is the main point: it’s like they want to map the entire CSS as classes. To me, it’s not a problem at all. Bootstrap does almost the same thing but with fewer and less flexible options. With Tailwind you can customize are much as you want, for real, because it’s like write CSS in HTML. I like this approach because I try to write plain CSS that it’s not influenced by external dependencies (I’m a fan of shadow-dom and styled-components). …

I will show you what a generator is and some simple examples that can help you understand them

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What’s a generator?

A generator is similar to a function in terms of syntax. That’s why they are called Generator functions. When used, this function doesn’t immediately execute its code, it’s just returning an object of type Generator. The execution of a Generator is not continuous and there is a set of properties that allow you to interact with noncontinuous behaviours.

Let me see one of those Generator functions

Here we go! This is a function with a * after the function keyword:

function* myFancyGenerator(i) {

This function stops and waits every time there is a yield in the code:

yield 'my value'; // my generator will stop there

Combining those examples you obtain a thing like…

A little review about Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble, a free-to-play game

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It’s evening and you need a multiplayer game that can be played in a few minutes because the dinner is ready really soon. You are bored with all the complicated games like the beloved Dota or PUBG and the need for something new is felt. Maybe I can suggest you a game that I’m playing with my friends. Circle of sumo: online Rumble can be downloaded and it will be ready in a very short time. You will see that throwing your friends out and climb the rankings will be fun.

And yes sir, it’s free to play.

First, you need to know a word: sumo. In Japanese means literally “striking one another”. Circle of sumo: online Rumble distils this ancient religious tradition into an easy to learn, but hard to master experience. You just have to remember a bunch of four…


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