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Wow, King continues to prove why he is one of the stupidest members of Congress. He seems to have no clue what the word collusion even means. With whom would they be colluding in investigating Russian interference in the election?

Please, go ahead and waste your time investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails. There is NOTHING there and if they did find something it would have NO impact.

On the other hand, it is becoming clear that member’s of the Trump campaign, in fact member’s of his family, DID meet with Russians in an attempt to work with them in their efforts to swing the election to Trump. There is more than enough evidence that not only did they try to swing this last election, and appear to have succeeded, but that the continue to have an interest in disrupting the democratic process in this country. Why don’t republicans care about a foreign nation clearly trying to disrupt the basic structure by which we elect our government? There is a word for people who side with a foreign government over the American people. It is traitor.

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