Hello World

Hi, I’m Lauren. I am writing this as I take the leap into UX Design.

I graduated from the University of Rochester not too long ago and without much direction, I found myself falling into business marketing. Following this path, I secured my first job in advertising- specifically in media as an Assistant Media Planner. Working for an agency opened my eyes to the many sides within the world of advertising and marketing that I had never seen before. It undoubtedly taught me a lot.

As I was working, I came to realize that the advertising industry was not as great a fit for me as I initially expected it to be. I found myself wanting to shift focus towards something more product and technology focused. In college, I fulfilled a minor in computer science and I found myself missing exploring the fascinating topic of how technology affects everybody in the world today. At the time, what really held me back from pursuing a career in the field was that I lacked the confidence in my own knowledge of the industry and I didn’t realize that there was more to working in the field than just coding.

After reading about UX Design, I was instantly intrigued and over the summer took a part time class to learn more about it. During the class, it struck me how UX Design zeros in on how people experience the latest technologies and also works to fix the problems that arise within these experiences. I knew I wanted to learn more so after speaking to a few contacts, they recommended this UXDI course. I wanted an experience that could show me real life processes and provide projects with real life applications. The more I read about UX Design and this course, the more I felt like it would be the right fit for me.

What I hope to get out of this UXDI course is not just a jump start in experience in the field of UX, but also a basis of knowledge and confidence to start out in the exciting field. I don’t want to sit around wondering “what if” I had gone after my interests in the budding technology field. What if now!

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