Be Quick With That Paperwork.

Summary of “Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High Priority Infrastructure Projects”. Executive Order 13766 on Jan 24 2017. #2 of Trump’s Executive Orders.

Summary: Bureaucrats need to be quicker with their paperwork on infrastructure projects. Chop-chop time, not the trees — yet.

More: Government bureaucracy is delaying infrastructure projects, so to speed things up, I am telling the reviewers that they only get 30 days to decide if a project is important. If they decide it’s important, then they need be quick about reviews and approvals, while also following all the current bureaucracy, i.e. you can’t take people’s land, harm people, or damage the environment.

Full text here.

(disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor a policy expert, I don’t claim any expertise in either area. I am just someone who has access to the internet and a curiosity for what is actually going on, and I know I am not alone. The summary is written in the first person to express the voice of the order, not to imply the executive said these exact words.)

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