No International Crime Syndicates in the U.S.

Summary of “Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking.” Executive Order 13773 on February 9, 2017. Trump’s tenth Executive Order.

Summary: Enforce current laws, and better coordination, to eliminate organized crime that is crossing into the U.S.

More: Enforcement of current federal laws fighting cross-border crime syndicates. The types of crimes targeted include: smuggling and trafficking of humans, drugs, weapons; white collar crimes in finance, cyber, and intellectual property. Federal agencies get priority in spending to fight these crimes.

Noteworthy: There will be greater information sharing among the many, many U.S. agencies that deal with cross-border crime — also with foreign country’s agencies. The Threat Mitigation Working Group (TMWG, which has people from lots of other agencies) will make quarterly reports on convictions associated with cross-border organized crime. The TMWG will also give the President a report on these issues within 120 days of this order, and then a report each year after that.

Full text here.

(disclaimer: I am not a lawyer nor a policy expert, I don’t claim any expertise in either area. I am just someone who has access to the internet and a curiosity for what is actually going on, and I know I am not alone.)

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