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Not many women find the perfect dress in the first shop she walks into, and it’s no different when you choose your prom dress. Perhaps the most important issue is to pick a dress that is flattering for your body shape. So …

Start your search early

It could take a while to find your perfect prom dress, so start your search well in advance of the prom date. This is especially wise if you intend to order a dress online, as it will give you time to find a replacement if the dress arrives late, doesn’t turn up, or you don’t like it.

Finding a prom dress for your budget

There are prom dresses for every budget. Consider hiring a dress if you want a designer number, or buying from a resale shop. Charity shops can be a great source of amazing, unique gowns; get it tailored to fit, and you’ll still spend less than on a new dress. Don’t just look at dresses labelled as prom dresses; an evening gown or vintage dress could be amazing. …


Lucy Clarke

I write about Pregnancy & Parenting, Online Dating, Marketing & Weddings.

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