On “Woke” White People Advertising their Shock that Racism just won a Presidency
Courtney Parker West

I have been sick ever since, months ago, I heard the phrase “President Donald Trump.” I am a white heterosexual female and I know that I don’t truly understand the struggle of not being that, but I do see privilege, entitlement on the part of white people ( myself included) who are not even seeing why this is a terrible Leader, who hates people he doesn’t know.

White people need to call bullshit when a friend (automatic unfriending, I have a zero tolerance policy on racism and homophobic hatred) neighbor, family,member says something at isn’t right- be it any of the isms being mocked. We are America, we make the rules, and people who know how deep racism and hatred homophobia destroys the soul. I promise to call bullshit when I hear The hatred of anyone other is at the family table, middle of the street, store, college classroom. We need to share our stories, and white people need to listen, and ask for ideas that will make it safe for a kid eating skittles to not feel scared, and DIE, and his murderer doesn’t admit that what he sad was wrong. I want a world where parents never have to teach their babies how stay alive at a park, with an obvious fake gun, when police decide to be thugs.

I work with people who have severe mental illness, in a county that has one of the worst cases of us and them I have ever seen.

I ask if people want to share their week, and we all listen, not to fix, not to say something witty, just listen, and ask what could be done better, what can we do, to call out those barriers that are all around, that I don’t see until I ask what is a problem you,have dealt with this week. Our agency is predominately staffed by white people, our county is not. When I go to the Diversity group, and hear stories from my co-workers that devastate me, because I forgot about the power I have, and the constant perfection that people who are not white, heterosexual, able bodied, healthy and college educated have to exhibit.

I am so grateful you let me see your stories, and try to get a glimpse of the deep horror that is coming. I will cry racism when I hear and see it. I will hire people who look like the people we support through recovery, in the many diverse ways people come in. I will be a safe person for everyone, but especially LGBTQ people who can’t hold hands in the store, find a rental home, and have no one to talk to. I am devastated by what will happen to our nation, and I will not be silent.