As the 2014–2015 school year has progresses at DGN, I have become accustomed to various new ideas as a freshman. A few events, classes, and clubs have sparked my interest to its entirety. Especially the DGN Male Swim and Dive Team. I’ve been a swimmer since a young age and have only swam for small teams, but I had never swam in the competitive high school scene. So it was only natural that I’d be ecstatic when I heard the male swim season was starting on November 24th, since I heard the many accolades the DGN Female Swim and Dive Team accomplished this year over the morning announcements during their season. It seemed every other day they’d break a pool record or take 1st place at a meet/invite, so I had high hopes that the male team would be just the same.

It wasn’t at all what I thought.

The team was relatively small and spread thin with less than 30 members. The team was not ranked highly compared to the other schools in our conference; however, despite this, the Varsity members on the team are still hopeful. Even though the odds are usually stacked against us, they raise team morale. They race like a Praying Mantis. Once they dive into the water, they pounce with great ferocity and agility. Even if we do not win the meet, we shake every member of the opposing team’s hands with respect and congratulate them on their victory. The Trojan Male Swim and Dive team may not be the fastest team in the state, but we have the most team spirit of them all. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll be both? The team is a bunch of Lego blocks. Using our friendship, we support each other. That support and confidence that the team gives; let’s us swim to the best of our capabilities. Which makes it more devastating that all the seniors are leaving this year after we have forged deep bonds of friendship (and because the team mainly consists of seniors), but it leaves more room for the incoming freshman next year. Although this year’s swim season is coming to a close, I guarantee that I can look forward to the camaraderie of the Swim and Dive team for many years to come.

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