Actually, they complement each other.

What demonstrates greater strength than opening yourself up after a grueling loss, heartbreak, or difficult time?

What demonstrates greater vulnerability than to self-examine and acknowledge how you became so resilient?

My friend and I talked about this recently and she shared a lot of good insights with which I agree. She experienced a really tough day at work and opened up about how difficult it was because it felt like one thing after another. She said she felt like she was hit by a bus.

But she decided to focus on all the little things that brightened her day and the help she received, choosing to be appreciative despite her tough day. …


My New Year’s Resolution was to meet people through real activities and work on actually being social and connecting with people organically.

I’m currently fighting the temptation to download bumble and take another stab at the good ole Interwebs.

My reasoning? I’m probs not going to find a single guy at a paint n sip night.

I also want to do more things in general so that I start to fall in love with life again and so that I’m a more interesting person overall because I have a natural curiosity.

Other reasons not to download Bumble again.

  1. Not quite done healing from the last breakup and would probably murder someone from the inside out. Satan says “but what if you do meet him?” And I know Satan isn’t wrong. …

Yes, I’m about to vent real hard.

You’re a great guy. You’re everything I wanted. You said that our relationship made you happy.

And yet.

You still walked away.

You still talk to me every day in the gym.

You still keep tabs on my Instagram.

You still watch me in the gym.

You still creep in on my thoughts. Not as much as you used to, but enough that I get mad when you just stand in the corner of my mind and not let me forget you.

You still manage to win over my emotions.

And it pisses me off. Actually, it’s infuriating. I still want to scream at you, more than 6 weeks after our breakup. …



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