Writings on Migration from the 2016 Salzburg Academy

(MY)GRATION • Things of Value

Sometimes the best stories about migration start with a telling detail. What are the objects that migrants hold dear?

(MY)GRATION • A Stapled Passport

Passing through ports has shattered my sense of home. Learn how mobility has shaped my life.

(MY)GRATION • 2 GB Phone

There is more to a phone than just absent minded tasks. Learn how I use it.

(MY)GRATION • The Traveling Finjal

The bitterness and sweetness of coffee has comforted me throughout my travels. Hear my story and connect with its essence.

(MY)GRATION • The Kintsugi Monk

The beautiful Japanese art form of Kintsugi mended the monk. The process symbolizes how I reassembled my cultural identity.

(MY)GRATION • Kicking Keds

Dance is its own language and it brings its own pure joy. Watch my feet say what I cannot.

(MY)GRATION • Love Letters

Two people, eight letters, four countries and thirty-two years of love. Join me and travel through this love story.

(MY)GRATION • A Link to the Past

Ancestors I never met connected me with family I didn’t know I had. Come and meet them.

(MY)GRATION • When Harry Met Sofie

Fantasy helps ease the hardships of reality. Learn how Harry met Sofie.

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