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Pope Francis Questions Donald Trump’s Faith

On Feb. 18, Pope Francis told reporters that Donald Trump’s policies did not line up with the Christian faith. Pope Francis said, “Someone who is determined to build walls instead of bridges is not Christian.” Trump firmly responded that the Pope had no right to question his faith due to policy.

Uganda has a Social Media Ban

President Yoweri Museveni said, “Social media has been blocked in Uganda on the day of presidential elections to stop people from “telling lies.” Museveni said in an interview that social media is being misused. During the confusion, however, #UgandaDecides was trending, giving voice to the citizens.

Eurovision Adds New Rule

A new rule has been added to Eurovision, a singing competition. In previous years, the winner has always been easy to predict. To ensure a more entertaining show, Eurovision has decided to withhold the placement poles until the final performances.