Terry McAuliffe of Virginia

Terry McAuliffe, current Virginia governor, was born in Syracuse, New York to Jack and Mildred McAuliffe. He received a high school education from Bishop Ludden and a bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of America.
 McAuliffe began working at a very young age, sealing drive ways and parking lots. He later became involved with business administration and helped start Federal City National Bank. 
 In 2001, McAuliffe was appointed the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He was also co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s in her 2008 presidential campaign. 
 McAuliffe is a registered democrat, and has a close relationship with the Clintons. He says that much of his personal success can be attributed to the Clintons. His political views are common among most liberals; his beliefs about gay marriage, abortion and guns mirror the views of the Clintons. 
 McAuliffe supports gay marriage and said that the Defense of Marital Acts is unconstitutional. He believes that the Defense of Marital Acts prohibits gay people from pursuing happiness, therefore violating the constitution.
 McAuliffe is not as radical on gun control as the Clinton’s, but he still makes strong laws. He is in favor of universal background checks, and he limits gun buyers to one purchase per month. 
 When McAuliffe became the governor of Virginia in 2014, he immediately signed an executive order prohibiting discrimination against state employees because of gender identity or sexual orientation.