Plans for News Writing Project #2

I am writing my news story about Liberty Magic, a club that meets every Wednesday to observe, play and trade Magic: The Gathering cards. I believe students would care about this story because everyone is looking for friends to make on campus; Liberty Magic provides a great social atmosphere perfect for building friendships.

Liberty Magic is a good topic for online format because it is to the point; the club is simple which makes for easy writing.

• Meets in the Jerry Falwell Library 
• Event takes place every Wednesday at 4:15 p.m.
• Mark Jones is the co-owner
• Aaron Bower is a regular attendee.

One of my hyperlinks will be sending readers to the Liberty Magic Facebook page. The other will be sending them to instructions on how to play the card game.

A two-minute video would fit really well in the middle of the story. I plan on interviewing at least two Liberty Magic members. The video would give assurance of the club’s existence, and it would provide the “human touch” essential for every story.

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